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Why does the bird sing?
Not because she has a statement,
but because she has a song..


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I'm boycotting tripod! so please change your bookmarks guys! It's gleefullyeclectic.com, and gibberish's moved too!

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Tripod's being such a pain in the ass - i'm migrating everything man. Wot do you mean by "exceeded bandwidth??" wtf??! And they've suspended access to my site because because because?? And they stuff ads all over my site? wtf? Right guys, so please change all your bookmarks! It's gleefullyeclectic.com, we're boycotting tripod. *ptooey*


I wanna get "Persepolis" by Marjane Satrapi - it's a memoir of growing up in Iran during the Islamic Revolution in powerful black-and-white comic strip images and illustrations. Sooo kooky! i liiiike..

Ong Sor Fen writes in today's LIFE! about Katharine Hepburn being a feminist. It's strange how she seems to equate that only to Hepburn "wearing pants instead of skirts and refusing to doll up with make up or pose for cheesecake shots." I mean come on, feminism is not just about that - it's not about wanting to be a man. Then again, Christy Chung is NOT a feminist, she's a slut.

School was great coz tuesday's a 2 period day. ahahahaha!






















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